iOS 7 update share

Within a week of download frenzy almost 50% of the iOS users have upgraded on iPhone's and iPad's in Sweden, this putting quite a strain on networks as well as the resources from where the updates were pulled. Due to limitations of some iDevices this isn't an update for everyone, but most Apple devices showing up in measurements are compliant for this upgrade.

iPhone iOS 7 update share

As soon as Apple put the iOS 7 update out on 18th of September (rather late in the day for us Europeans) the early adopters started firing up their downloads of the new package.

On some devices the expected download times stated as high as 13 hours for a completion of the download, an evident sign of the ongoing activity.

Within 5 days the updates reached a level where those who intended to upgrade had done so, iPhones from version 4 and up all support iOS 7 (see chart here: iOS Device Summary.

iPad iOS 7 update share

The iPad updates show a percentage shift similar to that of the iPhone and as all iPads (incl. the iPad Mini), except the original iPad, support iOS 7 the update share is not suprisingly similar to that of the iPhones.

iPod iOS update share

iPod updates on the other hand make it evident that the iOS 7 update is only for a select few who actually got themselves an iPod 5th generation.

All of the previous versions do not support iOS 7, iPods today are typically useful doubling as coasters on your living room table.

Benefits & drawbacks of iOS 7

A personal reflection after the upgrade is that the so far noted sole upside is that the numerics in the login view have the digits further apart (thank you Apple), this eliminating the error entires for the majority of people with a fairly large fist.

But really... why change the way one deletes text messages and drop apps into oblivion? What's it with all this animation? However the MS influenced coloring does make it feel like it's a new phone, so let us enjoy that rather fuzzy feeling for a while.