WAVcheck - Web Analytics Vendor check utility

Eric Petersons utility "Simple Vendor Discovery Tool" is a great utility for detecting client-side tags from web analytics vendor, however being limited to 8 vendors only it doesn't discover other smaller vendors. WAVcheck expands the number detected to a "massively staggering" 27.

Screenhot of WAVcheck


WAVcheck is a free Windows desktop application that currently identifies 27 different web analytics and tracking vendors based on data found on page scripts. It was built to run on Windows XP so shelf life is very much exceeded, but feel free to use it on your own risk.

NOTE: The last update was the 1.0.3 version in 2006!

Simply download the ZIP fil, extract the 2 files, run WAVcheck.exe, specify the website you'd like to check and slap the Web Analytics Vendor check button.

Download your free copy of WAVcheck here [3.65 Mb]

External link:

Simple Vendor Discovery Tool