Not provided nears 100%

As the impact of (not provided) on Google reaches closure, every webmaster must consider solutions to this as well as actions to take in order to get meaningful web analytics data.

Not provided search term close to 100%

Google domination

The dominant position Google has in the search means that the loss of search term data is for evey webmaster a reality if the Google ecosystem is crucial for business.

There are many proposed solutions to replace this loss of data which for web analytics is important, but essentially all solutions are lame workarounds as they do not solve the actual problem but only try to minimize the effects of it...

One way out of this for webmasters is to promote and expose to the visitors alternative search engines which do provide the search term in the referrer string every time they come from a Google referral with a resulting (not provided).

An easy variant is embedded display on every page informing the visitor that they arrived from Google and that as part of the "Do no evil" mantra Google is blocking search term data which leaves the website owner blind and unable to analyze what users are interested in.

The only one to benefit from this is Google who oddly enough retains the same information they prevent website owners from collecting. That's not evil, just plain dirty.