Article blimp tail

The typical article on a news site has the bulk volume of page views around the first 48 hours of being published, blimp articles grow instead over time!

Average Joe article lifespan

Typical article views

The typical article on a news site collects a substantial bulk volume of page views around the first 48 hours of being published, and then visitor traffic drops off rather quickly.

Blimp articles have the opposite accumulation of page views, increasing steadily later at a time when they become on interest.

With "blimp articles" page views build over time and is driven by search engine referrals as well as social referrals as long as content is relevant.

Looking at the page view count over a short reporting period, with a narrow top pages focus on counting page views, detecting these blimp articles isn't possible.

Slow growth build up creates blimp tail

Blimp article views

Rather it requires having access to historical data over at least 1 year in order to see the blimp buildup.

Blimp articles on the other hand have a page view count that resembles an elevation map of the Tour de France when laid out over a 1 year period.

With a sustained growth of page views over time blimp articles are a good indication of what content could be a source for follow-up articles.

But given the rather limited number of words and shallow content in the articles of today where ads cover more space than content, not many articles have a chance of becoming blimp articles.

Well written articles have a long life span and can generate more page views over time, a modern day variant to the well-known fable about the "hare and tortoise".