Binge viewing and reading

Counting the number of unique values of parameters provides a different view on traffic volumes, and associating the results with other metrics will provide some quite interesting insight in your site visitors and their behaviour. All needed is a smart object that can do the math!

Unique page read count by entry type

Bigger the better?

Typically web analytical reports focus on volume, the bigger the better.

What should be far more interesting for, lets say a newspaper website, is not only page view volume but also the usage of the rich volume of content provided.

Interesting content generates more page views, logical right?


Unique counter put to work

Having had several similar questions asked on the topic from clients it became evident that a special type of reporting item is required.

The key property of the reporting item is quite simple, count the number of unique occurrences of any specified parameter vs. unique browsers (now try that with your favorite reporting tool). Using it to analyze which entry type provides the most usage of unique page view content is a breeze. The 1-day data set tested revealed that a visitor entry from social media and search engines result in very few binge page reads.

Doing a count on the increase of unique referrers to recently published articles is also a way to detect content that has potential viral possibilities.

Number of web TV episodes per day and unique visitor

Web TV binge viewing

Many web analysts working with streaming media are aware that binge viewing happens but it appears that analyzing it is tricky at best.

Actually, it's quite simple with a reporting object like this. Just punch in the parameter that contains the unique episode title, filter on the program you'd like to study and then run the report.

Given my recent Stargate: Atlantis sprint, a mild 2 episodes a day addiction, my unique stream browser would be in the 10,01% share range. Analysis of binge viewing and reading is just a few clicks away providing a different view on user behaviour. Share your insights when you get there!