Housebreaking Flash

The cooling fans of laptops seem hell bent on sounding like a helicopter every time a Flash infested site is visited. Housebreak Flash for silence!

add-on menu iconRather than randomly having the pleasure of listening to your laptop fan trying its best to lift the laptop off your desk, housebreaking Flash provides a simple solution to less noise and heat.

That is if you run Firefox, which this example is targeting, with any other browser you might succeed with the same instruction. Firefox on the other hand make things easier. To do this find the Ericsson look-a-like icon of three "sausages" in the browser upper window and click on it to open the next menu. Then look for the add-ons icon, give it a gentle click.

If Chrome is your default browser and you can't recall how that happened then pay attention with your next Flash update. You can always set your default browser back to what it was. This should give you a set of new icons where you need to go find the one labeled with "Plugins".

Click on it and all add-ons should drop down in a list, some you might not have a clue on what they are but you always have that option to set them to "ask to activate" and see what happens.

Find the one named "Shockwave Flash" and set it to "ask to activate".

setting ask to activateOnce you got that settled it is a good idea to also click on the link "check to see if your plugins are up to date".

Given the number of browser bugs each week it is probably a good idea to make sure that all are updated regularly.

Having settled that, it is time to test a site that has Flash content plastered on it and to apply a bit of control.

In fact, test this one if you can't find another one.

Flash set right

verify that Flash asks to be activated

If this image appears Flash is now behaving as expected! This should bring less fan noise and heat exhaust as well as reduce power consumption on the laptop.

Make sure to uninstall all them toolbars that might lurk in the browser, be cautious when installing any plugins moving forward to deselect the crapware these drag in.