5 crucial checkpoints for email management

With checkpoints & a dashboard built using validated metrics, managing email communications is done with a clear view on performance.

Email validation

EmailEmail communication with clients & prospects is a well known and proven method used by countless companies, what is a less known issue is that surprisingly often the data source for the communication, being email addresses, is not maintained at a viable qualitative level.

In order to ensure a better data source a number of data quality checks are required, with a grouped set of five crucial checkpoints active only monitoring needs to be secured.


The first checkpoint is the validation of email adresses when collected, in many cases emails with incorrect syntax are entered either by mistake or simply because the submitter has no desire to provide a valid email. As with any data ingest, validation reduces the risk of polluting an email repository with adresses that do not comply to the respective RFCs.

Next comes the second checkpoint which is bounce and churned email housekeeping, simply put removing emails that are not delivered to recipients or emails that despite a valid local part (typically the full or abbreviated name of the recipient) have not been delivered.

Thirdly, email adresses are a data source on which the impact of expired domains results in "dead emails" which as in the bounce case require removal. The lax management of bounces and "dead emails" result in a deceptivly large number of total emails in an email repository, and gives an incorrect conversion rate if such "dead emails" are used in conversion calulations.

Dashboard KPI metrics

Email management dashboard

The fourth checkpoint is the quality assurance of all of the metrics involving the email communication processes, some of the most common metrics are:

- total number of email addresses in repository
- number of email sent
- number of bounced emails
- number of email clicks
- number of unsubscribe requests
- number of submitted emails with incorrect syntax
- number of "dead emails"
- number of abuse and spam reports

Finally the fifth and final checkpoint, all of the above can be managed with processes in place together with a KPI dashboard.

By using validated metrics to provide a quick overview on how your email resources and communications are performing, as well as the quality of the data in the email address repository, the dashboard quickly provides insights when managing your email communications.