Tracking unique numbesity

The habit of displaying large results values and relevant search results pages (SERP) has been a Google special for quite some time, but alternatives like Qwant & DuckDuckGo are pushing the envelope with relevant SERPs and without bloated result values. Take a testdrive!

The odd search phrase

Tracking unique default searchWhile looking at Google Search Console data, over a longer time span, the search phrase "tracking unique" appeared amoung the impressions.

A quick search for the phrase first presented a SERP which promised a rather large number of total results. Adding num=100 to the search string enabled a faster check of the SERPs to see where any page of this site would appear.

565 million results in 3 pages

Tracking unique to the endOddly only 3 pages into the SERPs the massive amount of search results had been displayed and magically shrunk to just 256 results...

Why Google persists showing "guestimates" is unclear, it is evident that the calculation could benefit greatly from some tuning in order to convey relevant information. Last chance for Google to save face + find all results is the "search with the omitted results included" link on the final SERP.

Catch'em all

Tracking unique omitted resultsA final test to see if Google is fugding up the search result count is to catch all results.


Tracking unique omittedThis silly habit of fudging large numbers requires it's own word, the portmanteau "numbesity" (number & obesity) fits like a pair of spandex shorts. One should refrain from numbesity just like non-biodegradable synthetic fibers...

Surprisingly the use of omitted search results presents a logic defying total guestimate that is LESS THAN what the initial search presented, sure Google has a lot of data but why bother with this pre 2000 numbesity when it is utterly pointless?

The total count

Tracking unique omitted summarySifting thru the all of the available search results reveals that the total number is considerably less that what is presented on the 1st SERP of either search method.

Oddly enough there was no result matching any page from this site when using normal search, it would seem that none were indexed. However, the devil is in the detail.

Site search

Tracking unique site filterUsing the site filter is a last effort to find out what Google has indexed. Despite a low total number of search results these 9 never showed up by default.

Zero numbesity

Qwant has resultsWith other search engines, such as Qwant making a mark, there is zero numbesity and the benefit of getting actual results.

This page from the site appeared as result #14 in the SERP of Qwant. Time for a shift, get the Qwant plugin for Chrome!

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