Webbanalys webbanalys
2018FEB18 Digital Analysts using only client side data collection on websites are missing out on server performance issues, 414 errors are typically out of sight.
2018FEB17 Web Analytics vs. Digital Analytics, the shift is near as the expansion of data included in analytics passes beyond pure web.
2018JAN16 Over time old page content falls into decay, but with an audit as reference on performance status, improvement of page SERP rank is easily done.
2017AUG31 The release of Firefox 57 means that many of the addons face extinction if they don't support WebExtensions.
2017AUG10 Loggning av inkommande trafik till en bredbandsrouter är enda chansen att få en överblick på de attacker och intrångsförsök som sker dygnet om!

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