General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

This website does not collect, hold or store any personal data (name, address, email, or telephone number) of anyone who visits the website.

However, by default, the web server will store in a log file the IP number of all visitors requests including request details. Server log files are deleted after 2 months which enables them to be available when abuse identification is required if within the available 2 month span.


All cookies set on this site are locally generated by JavaScript on the same pages as well as from the web server that serves the pages, storage exists both on web server logfiles and in Google Analytics (data not shared with Google or its partners, data retention set to 2 months).

You can delete cookie files – those files are stored as part of your internet browser. If you wish to restrict or block the cookies which are set by this website, or indeed any other website, or if you wish to receive notification of cookie placement requests or decline cookies completely, you can do this in your browser settings or visiting this cookie page for more details.

Please be aware that declining or denying cookies will not prevent you from being able to use the website to its highest capability, it will just impact negatively to the digital analytics of the site which are used to improve it so please reconsider.

Data Controller

Currently the data controller is www.Misshosting.com, sub-processor access is enabled to the log files and thus it is possible to perform any necessary adjustments to any personal data. Should the need arise to contact the website admin please visit the About page for contact details. Note that the communication over LinkedIn is read intermittently and requires that you have an account there, also do not use the canned message to connect....