Google+ is finally live

Social networking sites come and go, so when Google finally releases Google+ as a "Facebook killer", the surprise level is very low. Finally? Yes!

One way to +1 with Google

Plus one it!Visitor feedback using like buttons and now Google's +1 button pretty much shape the user driven positive feedback mechanism on the web.

The Google twist to use this to have an impact on search results has some benefits, but it is more of a giant user data and preferences collection than anything else.

In essence any webmaster can do a bit of cut & paste with yet another piece of JavaScript and automagically ever visitor the +1 your content increases the visibility of it in the search engine result pages (SERP).

The more +1 harvested by a website the better is the generic concept of it all. Oddly enough this feature is released around the same time as the Google+ project. So while the Google +1 button is just a Facebook "like" feature copy but with an impact on SERPs, the other appears to be a spiced up Facebook clone.

GooglePlus domain regisration

The long wait is perhaps soon over

The announcement of Google+ lifts the cover of the domain GooglePlus.com which has been waiting to see the light of day for many years.

While the domain currently just sits there mute without any response to a web browser, it might very well be the future home for the Google+ website.

There are a large number of Google related domains just sitting there waiting to be activated, while some names are pretty neutral like GooglePlus.com, others are not which makes them quite interesting to keep an eye on.

If Google+ will become the Facebook killer remains to be seen, but loyalty to social networking sites is only as strong as the crowd. Then Facebook might just fade to blue as MySpace has been doing when Facebook surfaced. The +1 button on the other hand might just be a hit...

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